Welcome to Two Bridges

We provide day activities to adults have varied abilities. We begin our day with coffee and sharing time, followed by the One Mile Happy Walk for our morning exercise. There is an option to use our exercise equipment or take part in morning clean-up. Each individual is given options to choose the activities they would like to do each day. We work on cleaning skills each Thursday and each week a cooking activity is available. All cooking activities includes kitchen safety, shopping for items, measuring ingredients & following recipes. We try to focus on healthy foods. Holidays and parties are always fun days to share what we make with the group. Friday is our day for exploring our community. We’re always looking for interesting places to visit. We enjoy trying new foods and restaurants. This gives the opportunity to try a variety of healthier food options. We focus on independence in each activity, based on each individual’s skills. To see what we’re doing each month check out the calendar below.